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Music Sales

As a major supplier of music instruments and equipment, Produktiv provides only the highest quality products to musicians and institutions all over the country. Based totally on imports, the business is focused on whole-sale. There are in this purpose 20 main resalers, catalogues and showrooms. Also, a small part of the distribution is achieved by delivery service on mail orders. Every client is carefully contorised and assisted with needed information and service. A vigilent eye is always kept on feedback and quality, that's why the providers are selected from the best names in the globe industry.

Products & Partners

Whatever you need for your show and music making, here's where you'll find it. From any kind of music instrument, studio and PA equipment, until light and stage building products, we have the best quality at your disposal.

Our partners are selected from the best and spread all over the world, for our offer to meet the widest scale of product concept, craft tradition, and technology.






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