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The Perfect Event

Is your event a large outdoor or indoor festival, a club concert, a press conference, a product launch or an album release, we give it life starting with the concept and creation and ending with the special stage effects, distribution and promotion.

Equipment Rental

We offer our dependable technical base and service to complete your happening. If it doesn' make sense to buy, here's where you'll find anything you need to for building your own show from scratch or just give it the finishing touches. We're always at your service with the best suitable PA and sound equipment, conventional or intelligent lights, modular stages, but also backgrouds, fireworks, smoke machines, ballons and anything else that might turn your event in a totally successful presentation!




"Galeo" Line Array and Touring System, Acoustic Line Seeburg up to 100.000 W

Mixers: Yamaha PM5D 48 ch; Yamaha M7CL48 ch; Allen&Heath ML5000; Yamaha M300; Roland V-Mixing System

Peripherial: Klark Teknik, BSS, Lexicon, dbx, Yamaha SPX, Digital Snake




Moving heads - ROBE ColorSpot 2500E AT, JB Varyscan 7, SGM Giotto, GLP Impression LED Wash, Martin

Consoles - Grand MA; Grand MA light, MA Lightcommander, ETC Congo jr.

Laternes - ETC Source Four; ARRI, Dexel, Strand Lighting, PAR 64, LED RGB PAR

Dimmers : MA Lighting, ETC

DMX Followspots - until 4000 W HTI

Color Sky-tracers - 5000 W HTI

Others: foggers, confetti cannon, bubble machines, hazers, lasers, etc.

Screens LED ARCH ALS 16, up to 30m², and Hollow Screen ALS 40 up to 80 m²



16m x 9m x 9m

12m x 10m x 8m

10m x 8m x 8m



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